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Chapter Three

      I went to the structure named “Brookhaven Hospital” in search for clues where Alessa can be found. I examined every file that can be found. What caught my attention is this patient named Leonard Wolf. According to his records, Leonard was a former leader of The Order. It is said that Leonard was corrupted by Alessa’s evil and it is decided by The Order to chain him down and abandon. I thought to myself that maybe he had some connection with Alessa and could give me her locations. While in the midst of thought, a creaking and a squeaking noise came through the air. I know danger lurks here and I must be prepared no matter what. I must rely myself again on my instincts.

      From what I can remember, he can be found at room 301. I quickly went to the map of the hospital seeing that room 301 is on the fourth floor, first door to my left. I found myself walking through the dark corridors in quest of finding Leonard. Once again, I hear creaking and squeaking noises from before, only louder.  I released multiple tentacles for safety measures and walk towards the stairs. As I came closer upon my destination, the noises became much louder, and this time, it was added with seductive moans. I took another step and the stair I was stepping broke. Luckily, with these long legs I have and these tentacles for support, I save myself from sudden and pointless death. The noises have again become louder and I can hear more seductive moans. Once I have reached the fourth floor, a group of creatures, feminine in shape, wearing low-cut outfits and short skirts, wielding different kinds of weapons, and their face looks messed up.

      Relying on my instincts, I threw an object near me and base on my observations, these creatures react to the sound or noise that can be made by an object. I should’ve been more careful when I climbed up the stairs. The creatures walked into the object in a twitching manner and they just keep stabbing the object with seductive moans as they stab and later stopped for no reason. Now I know what their nature is. Using my long legs, I carefully pass through each and every single one of them, barely missing their body parts. But it looks like I made a wrong move, I accidentally stepped on the object I threw and one of the creatures swing her arms making a wound out of my leg. Black blood leaks from my leg and this time, my sanity is rising up again. I killed every single one of them leaving no trace left behind. I attack one creature with my tentacles, ripped its body in half, and splatter what I can found inside. It’s been a while since I feel this kind of enjoyment. Even though there are no more creatures left, my sanity is still taking over but I had a flashback. I remember again that girl, the girl who made me feel joy and happiness, the one who made me feel anger, the one whom I refer as my best friend. I can finally feel myself; I can take over my body again, all because of the flashback I had.

      Upon gaining control again to my body, I remember my mission, and that to find Leonard Wolf. I realize that I was already in the fourth floor, now I shall enter the first door to my left. I entered the door, finding the room was complete dark and the only light source that can be found is the light from my back. I see someone chained in shackles and chains.
Hey there guys sorry if this thing comes out late... Anyways, it seems that Slendy is getting a bit hang in there. I wonder how would he survive this entrapment? And yeah, this was based on a scene of the second movie Silent Hill: Revelations... On the other hand, if you want to know what kind of flashback he had, click here

Quiz Time!!
1. What is the name of the Creatures that Slendy killed?
2. Who is the person that was chained in that room?
3. Why do you think that room 301 is on the fourth floor?

Chapter Two
Chapter Four

Credits Time!
Slenderman (c) Victor Surge
Silent Hill Series (c) Konami
sweetiepie27 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
omg i luv these so much!! keep up za good work!!
Kerrazi-Khalida Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Keep up the good work! I love reading these. ^.^
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